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Campbell's Soup Can (Clam Chowder - Manhattan Style) [Ferus Type]

Andy Warhol
casein and pencil on linen
20 x 16 in. (50.8 x 40.6 cm)

Are you hungry?

How about a can of this? Clam Chowder...Manhattan Style

Hmmm, yeah, I’m not so sure about that one [slightly laughing].

The artist, Andy Warhol, LOVED soup. Loved it!

He - apparently - ate [SOUNDFX: soup slurping sounds] a bowl of soup everyday. Every. Single. Day.

So with that in mind, this painting makes complete sense! Paint what you love, right?

Andy also made pictures of dollar bills, celebrities, and flowers. So it seems he really liked, ordinary, everyday things - what he saw at the supermarket, on television and in newspapers.

And in fact, it was his love of the little, everyday things that made a big impact on art.

Why exactly would someone want to see what's in stock at the grocery store in a museum?

Well, it kind of makes you see the world differently. Imagine you’re wearing a pair of special glasses.


Now, look at the world again! The world is a place where inspiration for art happens anywhere.

Andy was one of the first artists to “look again.” He was part of a movement called Pop Art, because he made art that looked like POP [SOUNDFX]--ular everyday stuff.

But back to the soup. In 1962, he made 32 of these soup can paintings. These were all shown as a group for the first time right here in LA. There was all kinds of flavors: tomato, minestrone, vegetable beef..

[SOUNDFX: belly rumbling sounds]

Whoa, maybe I’M getting hungry now!