the broad

Green Angle

Ellsworth Kelly
oil on canvas
70 x 231 in. (177.8 x 586.74 cm)
Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles

Have you ever seen a painting like this? Where the canvas shape, and the color are exactly as described by its title?

This is Green Angle by artist Ellsworth Kelly, who, perhaps surprisingly, takes inspiration from anywhere and everywhere but particularly from nature.

[SOUNDFX: Gentle bird, woodland, watery noises]

From the birds and insects he used to watch as a child - to the way light hits, moves and glistens on water.


So, what does this painting mean? What are you supposed to make of the Green Angle?

Well, Ellsworth just wants you to look and think. Be with the work. Meditate in front of it. And whatever response or feelings you have are the right ones.

Not sure where to start?

Spend time looking at the shape, the chevron-like angle, its peak, its slopes. Look at how it is protruding, floating from the wall.

Get drawn in by the single flat color, free from any brush strokes that might distract you from your thinking.

[SOUNDFX: deep breath sound]


So, what did it make you think of?