the broad

Green Angle

Ellsworth Kelly
oil on canvas
70 x 231 in. (177.8 x 586.74 cm)
Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles


Ellsworth Kelly uses saturated, specific colors in his paintings, and this one is no exception. You could call the color… Kelly Green. It may be just coincidence, but the color was named after the common surname. Here's Ellsworth Kelly.



The forms I use—see the form and color together is what the content is. And It has to be experienced. And it is for the viewer to investigate what they do.



Take this work as an invitation to slow down, to recalibrate your eyes for a moment, and appreciate color and form in a very straightforward way.


Joanne Heyler.



What is often not easy to comprehend when you're in front of a Kelly painting is the fact that while they seem to be and are abstractions, they are always coming from a glimpsed moment in time. From maybe the peak of a sand dune. From the way a particular ray of light comes through a window.


[SOUNDFX: Nature sounds, bird noises, peaceful sounds of the outdoors]



The end result, the paintings, the abstract paintings, often come originally from these very simple observations of, momentary and simple visual phenomena in his world.