the broad

Under the Table

Robert Therrien
wood, metal and enamel
117 x 312 x 216 in. (297.2 x 792.5 x 548.6 cm)
Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles

[NARRATOR: whispering] Quickly! Quickly!

Get under the table or behind a chair! I think we’ve been - somehow - transported to the


[SOUNDFX: Rumbling footsteps]

But don’t let them see you. I’ll keep watch on the left; you take your eyes to the right.

That was close! I think we’re safe now. Phew, I thought we might have made like Jack and climbed a beanstalk. Or had fallen down the rabbit hole to Wonderland with Alice!

Look around - everyone looks normal - kind of – and I see we’re still at The Broad! Good job!

In fact, I know exactly where we are.

I know it feels like we’re in a fairytale, but we’re actually underneath a [SOUNDFX: ECHO] MASSIVE sculpture called Under the Table by the artist called Robert Therrien.

Robert’s work makes us look at normal, everyday objects in exciting ways.

The familiar is now the [SOUNDFX] fantastic.

And this helps us to see and think about things in new and different light.

Doesn’t being here make you feel [SOUNDFX: getting squeaky] small, tiny, miniscule, totally microscopic?

We sit at tables to eat our breakfast or do our homework, but here we are, underneath one, hiding from giants in a gallery. That’s kind of what inspired Robert to create this work. One day, with a camera in his hand, he crawled underneath his dining table to have a close look at what was there.

And, at once, everything felt different.