the broad

Window to Storage

NARRATOR Liz Diller.

LIZ DILLER The stair is an indirect route down. It snakes its way through the vault. And exposes little bits of it to you on the way down.

NARRATOR From here you can see directly into the vault and get a glimpse of what it takes to preserve, maintain, and lend a valuable art collection. Vicki Gambill, Director of Collections Management.

VICKI GAMBILL It's back of the house. It’s what people don’t see. There's a lot of work involved in, frankly, just physically moving artwork. Especially when it's big, heavy and fragile. So the public might be walking down the stairs...and generally they'll probably just be looking at painting screens with art on them. However, there may be times where we absolutely need to move something. We might need to pack it. We might need to photograph.

NARRATOR Joanne Heyler

JOANNE HEYLER There have been many times, as we’ve built the museum that I’ve joked with Eli that I’m going to now have to curate storage, not just what’s in the galleries.

NARRATOR Before this building, the Broad Art Foundation had stored its collection in different fine art warehouses across town—to access the art, the staff needed to make appointments and often complicated arrangements.

VICKI GAMBILL Having our artwork onsite means we can access the work. For our own work, for researchers, for curators, for artists. It's fabulous having it onsite. It's gonna change the way we do everything!